Walk Doctor

Do you find yourself being dragged around by your dog, walking your dog at odd hours to avoid crowds, or hide behind cars to hide from dogs or people? If so, contact us.

Walking your furry companion should be a pleasure for both of you. We will teach you how to start the walk properly and how to walk politely on leash. We will set you up with the tools you need to have a fun and enjoyable walks. 




House manners

This program will help you resolve typical little annoying habits your dog has picked up. Such as hyper activity in the house, counter surfing, barking at the window or jumping on guests. We will help you turn your dog into a well mannered companion. We will introduce you to basic obedience as well as crate training. You will gain a reliable on-leash obedience as well as a good knowledge of training tools. This program includes the basics of the walk doctor. 






Board and train 

This program is designed for a number of situations. Dogs who are nervous, fearful, who have separation anxietiesor who are more difficult and/or stubborn. It is also the perfect program for busy dog owners who want us to do teach the dog so all it is left is to teach you. 

We will teach him:

  • On and off leash obedience 
  • Proper walk
  • Crate training
  • House manners
  • Car manners
  • …..




We will take your furry friend in hour home while you are away. He will be included in our daily routine and taken care of as one of our own. He will be part of our daly walks, play and fun. No training is included in boarding. Dogs must be comfortable in a crate 







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