Board and Train

This program is perfect for owner looking to have their dog reliable under high levels distraction. Your dog will be living in my home and will be faced with real life situations. This is also the suited program for dogs with:

  • leash reactivity

  • dog aggression

  • fear based reactivity

  • separation anxiety

  • human aggression

This program is not only geared toward difficult dogs. It is also perfect for the happy go lucky dog that needs to learn to fit in you life. 

I specialize in remote collar training. The technology has evolved to the point where e-collar training has become the most humane, clear and gentle way of communication between an owner and their dog. Every dog coming in for Board and Train will be e-collar and prong collar trained. 

Your dog will learn the following commands

  • Place

  • Sit (auto stay)

  • Down (auto stay)

  • Duration work 

  • Waiting for food

  • Respect thresholds (going out the door, in the car...)

  • Polite walk

  • Recall (come command)

  • General off leash reliability

  • ...

Your dog will be in training in my home for 3, 4 or 5 weeks depending on the training needed. 

The program includes a 30 minutes drop off/consult plus two 1-1.5 hour pick up sessions. These sessions are there so you can learn everything your dog has been thought plus you will taught how to use the e-collar.

$2550, $2900, $3250 Respectively. Includes taxes and training collar. Extra fee applies during Holidays.