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Coralie Evequoz head dog trainer

I grew up in Switzerland with the easiest dog. A black Lab named Laika. A few years after moving to Toronto my boyfriend and I decided it was time to add a new member to the family. We had the brilliant idea to go to the shelter and adopt a big, dog reactive, not trained, not compliant, pushy, barky and biting dog named CHET. I thought I knew how to handle dogs. Boy was I wrong!! I found myself in the same situation as most of my clients. I had tried all the usual training methods. Nothing worked! But I refused to give up on him. That's when I found balanced training. I had finally found an real and effective answer.

After going through all this. Learning so much for my own dog. I made it my mission to help other dog owners. I have also spent 3 months interning with Sean O'Shea at The Good Dog Training and Rehabilitation in Los Angeles. I was able to learn from one of the best dog training team. I was able to watch and work on some of the toughest cases.

I know your struggle. And I am here to help. Go over to our Services page to see what we have to offer.



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The house dog. The one who started it all.

I am the only dog who lives in the house full time. I used to be a very challenging dude with all the issues in the book. I am now a fun and respectful dog who is always ready for an adventure. But I also learned to chill and I am happy to relax on my bed for hours on end.